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2011, Let’s do this!

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The wait is over.

The Waiting Game

I sit here in a quiet hospital room full of sleeping people in chairs and on the floor passed out for physical and emotional exhaustion. And all to be with one very sick Grandma who’s on her journey to the other side.

After many hours of travel and an adventurous ride in a crop duster plane, I walked into her room with the intention of seeing my Grandma. But who I found wasn’t the Grandma I knew but a version of the lady who used to have the best hairdo I knew growing up. Her breathing was off kilter, her hair a deflated shadow of it’s former glory and her face only barely recognizable.

I held her hand and could only think to myself, “does death have any dignity?” It seems cruel that the body would drag it out like this. The “life” as we know it is gone, but the body tries to go on. Even to the bloody end. The body is an amazing thing, no doubt we are fearfully and wonderfully made. It makes us do things we don’t even think about. Like causing the heart to pump or our lungs to breathe. But at the end of it all you’d think it’d just be kind and let you ease on down the road without so much pomp and circumstance and rattle and hum.

But I guess that’s not how it goes. So we wait.

Kenya 2010 Video

Sometimes words just can’t express everything we want to say about something. And thankfully in those moments we have music and pictures and video to help us along…

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Thank you Sigur Ros!

All they need is one mic

It’s probably no secret that I fell in love with Kenya and it’s people while I was there and more specifically with it’s youth. I could talk for days on end about how smart and interesting and beautiful and stylish and just plain COOL they are. But I think one of the things I love the most is their love for music and dancing and singing. These are my kind of people.

The second week we were there our team worked with our partners at Ghetto Light Youth. GLY is a program in Kibera geared towards older kids, usually teens, but still had a mix of the young ones thrown in. This, of course, made it a much different experience from the first week with Homecare Fellowship which is all younger children. This meant much more free hang time. Lots of conversations, games and joking. Of course we talked about music because I am me and that’s what I do and I learned a ton about the music they listen to: reggae, rap, pop, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers (seriously!). They would play me some of their favorite music that I hadn’t heard (Peetah Morgan, Alaine) and some stuff we all knew as we hung out in the afternoons.

One afternoon I heard a few of them rapping and I asked them if they’d rap some more for me. One of the kids started to run off and I called him back and said he didn’t have to and he told me, oh no we’ll do it I’m just going to get the drum. Oh yes, they make their own beats too! Who needs an 808?

The following video is just a taste of that afternoon. They also danced and sang for me making it something pretty close to heaven for me.

This was one of my favorite days in Kenya.

I’m home!

After many many maaaaany hours in a plane we finally returned home on Saturday. Sorry for the severe lack in posting but the internwebs were quite unreliable and would work in short bursts, if at all. After some withdrawal from always being connected, it ended up being a nice vacation from emails and social media and being on an electronic leash. I sorta miss it.

I’ve spent the last few days sleeping, thinking, trying to begin the process of returning to a “normal” life here in LA and I’d be lying if I said it was easy. Everything I saw and learned and the people I met and became very very attached to have turned my world upside down in a lot of good and yet scary ways.

I have a ton of pictures and some videos that need to be edited that I want to share with you all. But above all I want to share with you their stories. The people I met, the people that changed me. They are so beautiful and heartbreaking and funny I can’t wait.

some of the Homecare girls from my team enjoying a hot cup of chai l-r Moureen, Rita, Michelle, Margret/Maggie, Adelaide, Me, Ruth, Nancy, Jaquelin


Hi friends and fam!

I’m currently blogging to you on a laptop from the back of a bus on a bumpy road via a satellite connection. Technology, folks. It’s our friend!

After a 15 (yes 15) hour flight from Los Angeles we landed in Dubai on Friday. Lots of stories to tell but needless to say we had a blast, I saw the tallest building in the world, watched an Asian pop cover band play in an Arabic bar and all while trying not to melt.

We arrived in Nairobi last night to breezy cool weather and smiling faces from Homecare Fellowship. Tomorrow the camps begin so please be thinking and praying for us!

Will try to update you much as I can. Also check our team blog! link in a post below



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